20 years of colette

On the occasion of the 20 years anniversary of colette, The Ecurie has produced for BMW, a collaboration with colette to celebrate the 20 years of the famous Parisian shop.

A crystalline ocean composed of more than three hundred thousand white recycle plastic balls was spilled on  the floor of the Museum. Welcome to the Beach, the installation of the New York collective Snarkitecture. From this quiet sea, answering the only free movements  of those who are « swimming », a figure distinguished it self. It was the BMWi3 which was revealed on the occasion.

This bubble was made in carbon fiber, healthy and urban. And for the 20 years of colette, she was customized with a unique personalized model in the colors of the concept-store. An edition such as a tattoo, like to prove that the spirit of discovery, the necessity of getting off the beaten track, of clearing the way, of redefining the mobility, are for ever anchored in the DNA of both houses.

A 100% electric bubble and 96% recyclable. Produced from recycled materials, this product of avant-gardist technology and uncluttered style embodies in perfection the 20 years anniversary of colette, which shares the same values in terms of innovation.

« This partnership with colette was obvious for us. We defend the same eco-responsible values. Colette and BMW dress the city, but always with the same vision of the after, the changement, the movement.

A sustainable and responsible movement, assert Sandrine Dargaud Manager of BMWi3. And then we are proud to celevrate the anniversary of the concept-store, absolute flagship of the French style. »

The BMWi3 x colette will be revealed in public from the 20 till 27 March, the Decorative arts Museum, with the Installation of the Beach of Snarkitecture. It will then be sale on the shp og the concept-store from March 27th . Watch out, a single edition !!!