As the French translation of the Motorsport team, L'Ecurie is all about victory in visibility, helping brands, products and artists to win the race to success. L'Ecurie improves the publicity process with original communication and ability to pinpoint target audiences by bringing the most creative concepts to life. Through our skills and the confidence in our customers, we assure impact and appeal, on both press and public, online and offline.


L’Ecurie creates different original contents for brands and agencies on different mediums, such as print, POS, digital, PR or TV. L'Ecurie finds its particular DNA by finding the right balance between the quality of production and the perfect artistic direction on every project. Their contents are mostly related to the fields of lifestyle, mobility, luxury and technology.


Starting 2016, L’Écurie will represent photographers, directors, set designers and artistic directors to create a pool of emerging and established talents from different universes, all specialized in lifestyle and mobility. L’Écurie will connect their skills within the same stable to bring best quality campaigns.


L’Écurie connects talents and brands for advertising campaigns by providing its own expertise and network to help brands and creative agencies in the seeking of their icons. Submitting talents within different industries, such as fashion, sports, cinema, architecture, music and literature, L’Écurie leads them during the entire making of the advertising, ahead as downstream of the campaign release.


L’Ecurie operates in strategic and results-driven public and press relations. We work with international leading brands in the sectors of lifestyle, hi-tech, luxury and mobility, connecting them to local and international media.
Our team of PR consultants are specialists in media and communication counsel, media relations, editorial placements, digital PR, event staging, talent procurement and strategic brand consulting.
We develop connections with key influencers and leading bloggers to boost our brands’ online image with innovative content - for social media networks.
We specialise in generating strong content in line with each brand to reach out to targeted consumers.